Who we are

Cloud Sorcerers is a US-based outsourcing company specializing in managing programming projects in India directly for our clients, as well as providing a full suite of marketing services.

We understand that we live in a global marketplace. To thrive in this world, you must be able to keep your business moving - sometimes day and night. No longer are we bound by time zones, geography, even gravity. Being tethered to a hard drive is a thing of the past. Let us help you embrace the Cloud.

Our mission is to make clients successful

How do we do it?

  1. We prove to you that there are no barriers to outsourcing by providing quality outcomes for your projects.
  2. We are a team that works quickly to meet your timeline, but we never sacrifice our standards for excellence.
  3. We make your business challenges our own, and we overcome them.

At Cloud Sorcerers, your business is our business.

What do you need?

  • Do you have Web Design deadline you're afraid you can't meet?
  • Are you under the gun to get that next project moving fast and efficiently to stay competitive?
  • Do you need help launching effective marketing programs to support your business goals?
  • Need help with C++ or C#?
  • What about J2EE?
  • Need to create mobile apps?
  • Are you understaffed and could just use some help?

Cloud Sorcerers is knowledgeable in all areas of software development, extremely efficient at program management and have the staff to service any of your marketing needs.

At the helm

Michael Nyman - President
Mr. Nyman has over 20 years of experience developing software and managing teams focused on bringing diverse and complex projects to successful completion. Mr. Nyman has been responsible for spearheading development of various types of software, including a unique server software solution that enables customers to increase efficiency with documentation, communication and management of business process information. Additional experience includes process management, image processing, database design and programming, custom neural network design and various other fields.

Srinath Rao - Vice President of Development
Mr. Rao has a wide range of experience in the software industry spanning the past 19 years. His experience includes software development, software testing, test automation, process simulation, project/program management, support services and legacy product maintenance in a distributed environment. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mr. Rao worked in major companies in various capacities. He has extensive knowledge in performance management of IT infrastructure using BMC software solutions.