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Outsourcing: The good, the bad, and the ugly

While there may be a lot of negativity these days associated with the "new" threat of outsourcing and its supposed ability to takedown a nation, the truth is, outsourcing has been around a very long time. Outsourcing is the simple, age-old desire to get someone else to do something for you. You're reaching outside of your business, your community, your tribe, your nation, to get the assistance you need... from an outsider.
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Why outsourcing isn't a bad word

The very word "outsourcing" strikes a number of emotions in a lot people - chiefly, anger. You've witnessed it before - in fact, you might have even condemned it just a little bit yourself. Without even thinking it through, the very idea of outsourcing conjures up feelings of disdain, and suddenly, an automatic defense kicks in for all things American - Chevy's, apple pie, even Grandma. The thought of taking any work away from Americans is just, well, un-American - right?
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