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At Cloud Sorcerers, we pride ourselves on delivering the type of support and services that fit specifically to your business needs. Whether you are looking for support of a technical nature, or you need assistance with marketing programs to drive sales, we have you covered.

Technical Support and Solutions

Cloud Sorcerers are experts at developing Java, C++ and C#-based applications and products. Our Support Services ensure that critical needs are being met ensuring business continuity. We can help you with:

Application Support Services:

Can be categorized as “First line support (L1)”, “ Second line support (L2)” and “Third line support (L3)”.

  • L1 support is the service/help desk that will act as a single point of contact for all IT service clients to request services and report problems.
  • L2 support will encompass items the following, without involving any application code changes:
    • User access management
    • Application configuration changes (Front end)
    • Stakeholder/vendor management
    • User guidance requests
    • Troubleshooting
  • L3 support will allow for application code changes on the following:
    • Bug fixes - simple to medium bug fixes where efforts are minimal.
    • Minor enhancements - application feature/functionality changes.
    • Major enhancements - addition of new module, developing interfaces, change in design of single or multiple modules, etc.
    • Stakeholder/vendor management
    • Patch releases

Note: The L3 category will be based on the complexity of the application, business criticality and agreement with business. It is recommended to choose the category based on the efforts that will be spent on the reported issue.

Server Management:

Here are some examples of the support services provided on server management:

  • Monitoring the server load: Keep a watch on the disk size exceed and address the issue by taking proper action.
  • Daily and incremental back-up’s: ensure daily and incremental back-up’s are taken based on the business requirement using the effective tools.
  • Aging of the server: server aging based on the agreement with business to be tracked and reported.
  • New hardware set-up: set-up of any new hardware as required.
  • Performance monitoring: automatic reports to application support teams/business if the server encounters bad performance.
  • Application patch deployments.

Note: Few of the above or few other extra activities that will not be taken as routine regular activities and will be addressed on request basis from the end user.

Database Services:

We provide administration of items such as below:

  • Monitoring of the database related running services on the server.
  • Daily and incremental back-up’s as per business need.
  • Monitor and report size of the database if exceeds.
  • Execution of database scripts.
  • Back-up and restore of the databases on request basis.
  • Database indexing.
  • Address performance related issues.

Note: Few of the above or few other extra activities that will not be taken as routine regular activities and will be addressed on request basis from the end user.

Performance Metrics of Support Vendor:

The “Service level agreement (SLA)”, “Operation level agreement (OLA)” is measured as a performance metric for the support service vendor. SLA’s get defined before the vendor takes over the application support in contractual agreement with business, and SLA’s are defined based on the priority of the reported issue from the end user/customer/stakeholder.

Note: The reported issue can be categorized as service request or incident request.

ITIL Framework:

Provides a systematic approach to the provision and management of IT services used by many support organizations worldwide for managing and improving IT services.

ITIL Support Framework

This describes many process disciplines that can be tailored by support vendor keeping standard process definition intact in agreement with end-customer.

Various Processes:

Service Desk or Help Desk, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change management, Release Management, Configuration Management, Capacity Management are made available under the standard set of support processes.

Marketing Services

If you’re looking for some innovative marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need to enhance your market presence through a new website, advertising or collateral, or need some straight-on lead generation campaigns that deliver attractive promotions or content to your audience, we can help support your sales goals with the following:


If you need a new website, or have an existing site that needs a little love, we can help. We will work with you to assess everything you need to create the right sized website with the right messaging that will effectively highlight your company's products or services.

Copywriting Services:

Entice folks to become your customers, and position yourself as a thought leader by providing relevant content in the form of articles, whitepapers or blogs. We can help create the voice of your company.

Collateral and Advertising Assets:

We offer a complete range of copywriting and design services that will capture the essence of your business - from marketing brochures, to online or print ads, to logo creation, to corporate presentation decks - you name it - we have the experience.

Email Marketing:

You can grow your relationship with your existing customers and generate new business with targeted marketing programs or promotions, or through a company newsletter. We offer comprehensive email marketing solutions to support your business.

Lead Generation Programs:

You’ve got to proposition your target audience with the right content and a clear call to action. Whether working with your existing database, utilizing advertising or list rental, the end goal is to get leads in the door, warm them up and convert them into customers. We have the experience to help get them there.